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COVID-19 Protocol for Our Practice and Patients

In light of the recent events and government mandates, we have decided to change our practice flow to best serve our patients, our staff and the community as a whole.  As you know, social distancing is an accepted method to slow down the spread of the virus.  We will put these methods into effect in an effort to do our part to slow down this disease so hospitals and healthcare facilities can best manage the increasing influx of patients.

Effective Wednesday, March 18th, we will adopt the following measures for the foreseeable future.  Please understand that we are trying to do our best to care for you and your families, while protecting our doctors and staff. 

  1. We will see patients in the office on an “essential” basis.  This includes patients with an eye emergency, recent eye surgery or vision-threatening conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration.  We will be rescheduling all routine/nonessential patients.  Please call the office and our staff will help decide whether you should keep your appointment or reschedule for a later time.
  2. We will make sure you have the prescriptions, contact lenses, etc., that you need.  Call the office for prescription refills.  We will extend contact lens prescriptions for the time being, so you can order lenses even if you miss your annual exam.
  3. We will have someone in the office to triage emergencies, take contact lens orders and prescription refills, but this may change in the coming days.  Please plan accordingly and please pick up contact lenses and glasses as soon as possible.
  4. To practice good social distancing, please come to the office only as necessary.  Try to have only one person come into the office, with other family members waiting in the car, if possible. 
  5. We recommend that all contact lens orders be direct shipped to your home.  We will waive shipping fees for regular shipping, but if you would like overnight/expedited shipping there will be the normal charge.  Call us if you need us to ship an order that is already at our office. 
  6. Please be patient as we expect delays from optical/glasses laboratories and contact lens suppliers.  We will try to keep you informed as best as possible, but we would appreciate your understanding in the next few weeks and months.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.  Please do not hesitate to call us as we are here to help our patients through this unprecedented healthcare crisis.  We wish you and your families ongoing safety and good health.




Rosemary E. McPherson, O.D.                       Jonia H. Mekel, O.D.               Barry R. Kanofsky, O.D.             


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