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We would like to welcome you to Kennett Square Eye Care. Our team of doctors, Dr. Rosemary McPherson, Dr. Jonia Mekel, and Dr. Carolyn Borowski, and staff have provided excellent personalized eye care in Kennett Square and throughout Chester County for over 40 years.

We offer comprehensive eye exams and full contact lens and spectacle services.  We provide management of ocular diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy with the latest diagnostic technology.  Please see our full list of Eyecare Services or call the office at (610) 444-5522 with any questions.

We look forward to caring for you and your family.

Kennett Square Eye Care
216 S. Mill Rd. Suite 112
Kennett Square, PA 19348
(610) 444-5522

Join us to welcome our new doctor - Dr. Carolyn Borowski!

She received her undergraduate B.S. in Biology from Penn State University and her doctorate from Salus University in 2013.

She will be focused on all aspects of primary care optometry and managing ocular disease, such as dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Her interests are corneal and retinal disease, as well as fitting soft contacts lenses, especially monovision and multifocal lenses.

As a West Chester native, she looks forward to being part of the Kennett Square and Southern Chester County community.

StaffRaise your glasses!
On January 31, 2021 after nearly 50 years in practice,

Dr. Barry R. Kanofsky
retired from his optometry practice and set his sights on a new path.
Born and raised in Kennett Square, the community has had a tremendous impact on his life and he is forever grateful for their support.
Thank you to his many patients for trusting him with their eye care needs.

Drs. McPherson, Mekel and Borowski
will continue to provide the same outstanding level of care
to the Kennett Square and surrounding community.

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Meet Our Eye Doctors

  • Rosemary E. McPherson, OD

    Dr. McPherson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Physiology from Pennsylvania State University in 1988. She followed her undergraduate work with a postgraduate research year at the Cerebrovascular Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Neurology. Dr. McPherson received her Doctorate in Optometry from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1993 and completed a residency in primary care/ocular disease with Chief of Ophthalmology at Bryn Mawr Hospital in Bryn Mawr, PA. She continued her training as an adjunct instructor at the Eye Institute of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

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  • Jonia Hsu Mekel, OD

    Dr. Mekel graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and continued her education at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry for her Doctorate in Optometry. Before joining the practice in 1991, Dr. Mekel received specialized training in pediatric vision care at the Eye Institute in Philadelphia, PA. She also completed an extensive rotation in ocular disease management at the VA Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

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  • Carolyn Borowski, O.D.

    Dr. Carolyn Borowski graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2008. She received her Doctorate in Optometry from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in 2013. Dr. Borowski was a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa Optometric Honor Society while attending Salus University. Following graduation, Dr. Borowski completed a residency in ocular disease at the Wilmington Veterans Administration Medical Center in Wilmington, DE. Prior to joining Kennett Square Eye Care, Dr. Borowski worked as an Associate Optometrist for 6 years at an ophthalmology practice focusing on primary care and medical optometry. Dr. Borowski is excited to be part of a well-established optometry practice that has deep roots in the community. She will be focused on all aspects of primary care optometry, including vision correction with glasses and/or contact lenses and treating/managing ocular disease, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Her interests are corneal and retinal disease, as well as fitting soft contacts lenses, especially monovision and multifocal lenses.  

  • Barry Kanofsky, OD Emeritus

    After practicing for over 40 years, Kennett Square native Dr. Kanofsky has retired from Kennett Square Eye Care. 

    Dr. Kanofsky has been a leader in the Kennett Square community for many years. He was past President of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce, Kennett Area Rotary Club, and Kennett Area Senior Center, which his father founded. He was Citizen of the Year in Southern Chester County in 1992. Dr. Kanofsky received a Bachelor of Science from Temple University and his Doctorate in Optometry from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He will continue to maintain his professional status attending medical conferences regularly. He looks forward to being involved in his community for many years to come.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "We use Anderson Optometry for all of our family’s vision needs. Recently, we had to have our youngest fitted for new glasses and he made the experience fun for her and informative for us. We know Dr. Anderson will always take good care of our family’s eye care and that’s why we wouldn’t go to anywhere else."
    The Harrison Family
  • "Dr. Anderson and his staff are so patient and friendly. Dr. Anderson prescribed me glasses and I had the toughest time picking out frames. They didn’t rush, but instead made helpful suggestions and now I have an awesome pair of frames, not to mention the fact that I can see ten times better than before. You guys are the best!"

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